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Stanpa, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics, presented a little less than a year ago the X-ray of your sector in Spain for the year 2021. In this study, the complete situation of the industry was revealed with in-depth analyzes of consumption, exports, innovation and sustainability, among other parameters.

Some interesting data that can still be read on its website indicate that this market moved €8.2 billion in 2021which means a growth of 7.8% compared to the previous year. At this point, it must be taken into account that 2020 was the year of the beginning of the pandemic. In turn, there are no official records on the behavior of the sector in 2022.

Spain, leading country in exports and consumption

Be that as it may, if we put business figures aside and go to data more relevant to the consumer, Stanpa says that a person uses seven to nine daily products linked to this industry, and a total of 28 different ones a year. As for the per capita figure, this stands at 166 euros, but that is the data for 2021. In 2022 it may be higher due to the rise in inflation, or that consumers have adjusted that rate a bit. quantity, both in spending and in number of products.

Stanpa itself analyzes different product categories, and in all of them: perfumes, color cosmetics, hair care and skin care percentage growth is observed. There is only a decrease in the consumption of toiletries and hygiene.

Spain, assures the employer, is a very important market for the sector, since it is in the top 10 global exporter of beauty products and perfumes. Exports reached 5,384 million euros in 2021, ranking above such relevant industries as wine, olive oil or footwear.

Quality signatures and total guarantee

The good health of the cosmetics industry is explained to a great extent by the presence of brands and manufacturers that are completely reliable and assure consumers of top quality products. An example is eberlin Biocosmetics, a company that began its journey more than 35 years ago and was one of the first in our country to explore the universe of organic natural cosmetics.

Now that it is so popular to go herecosmetics with components of natural origin It is something that has been in the hallmarks of this company for decades. Eberlin Biocosmetics fixed as the main method of action to provide clients with a complete analysis and subsequent diagnosis of the state of the skin, hair or face. Thus they seek to enhance natural beauty through cosmetic and dietary products to achieve balance between mind and spirit.

The firm is proud to have as its most outstanding values ​​the use active principles extracted from marine and terrestrial plantsbet decisively on biological cosmetics, understand that each patient is unique and the treatments have to be personalized, and finally, develop their own spaces, such as their factory, to implement all their advances and innovations.

Eberlin products can be found for sale at the online cosmetics store The Cosmetics Store or on its own website, through the ecommerce of this company. This is another of the reasons that has driven the firm, its great expansion at the territorial level, something that allows it wide accessibility for consumers.

The good work of the company is reflected in honors such as the one received Martha Ferrer by Caixabank. The directive of Nemesis Laboratories, manufacturer of Eberlin Biocosmeticshas been part of the “Community Women Entrepreneur Caixabank” on LinkedIn, where all the recipients of the Caixabank Women in Business Awards come together.

Rising interest in skin care and aesthetics

Eberlin Biocosmetics and Nemesis Laboratories are Pioneer firm and manufacturer in the aesthetics and cosmetics industry in Spain. Together with many other companies, they took the first step in the growth of a sector that is increasingly integrated into society.

Today’s times no longer only demand high quality personal care productsbut they demand adequate advice to follow healthy aesthetic routines and that offer good results.

In addition, the growing interest of citizens for products made from natural ingredients drives the name of companies such as Eberlin Bioscosmetics. Passion, integrity, respect, commitment, teamwork, enthusiasm and responsibility are the rest of the concepts that define this company. All of them are launched to generate quality products that ensure the care of the skin and the health of consumers.

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