Everything you need to know to enter the world of aesthetic medicine

The aesthetic medicine It is one of the most demanded sectors within general medicine itself today. There are many options to become a professional dedicated to aesthetic medicine, from the medical career itself, where you can reach positions as a surgeon, for example, to an auxiliary course in aesthetic medicine, it all depends on the type of occupation desired.

And not only for those users who want to undergo some type of treatment, which also, given that this type of increasingly advanced techniques is on the rise, but also in what refers to people’s interest in becoming a future for professionals in the sector.

If you are interested in dedicating yourself to the world of aesthetic medicine, it is likely that some of the information shown below will be of interest to you. But, for those who are beginning to think about this possible professional opportunity, it is worth noting what are some of the main treatments that we find in this specialty and, of course, the main job opportunities in the sector.

Some of the most commonly used treatments in aesthetic medicine today

First of all, it should be noted that these are some of the most demanded aesthetic treatments today.

  • Hyaluronic acid: This type of compound has numerous uses in aesthetic medicine, such as the elimination or reduction of expression wrinkles through its filler, the modeling of the facial contour or the contribution of volume to the lips and cheekbones, among others.
  • Anti-dark circles treatment: There are various types of techniques designed to eliminate bags and dark circles, such as the use of a vascular laser, hyaluronic acid itself or a chemical peel in the eyelid area.
  • lipolaser: as its name indicates, a laser is used, which is applied to the area to be treated, for approximately half an hour, in order to combat flaccidity, eliminate cellulite and metabolize fat. The great benefits of this technique is that the results are immediate and it does not have any type of side effect.
  • radio frequency: through the use of electromagnetic radiation, the skin is heated, obtaining, as a result, the elimination of cellulite, skin tightening, the formation of new collagen or lymphatic drainage, among other uses of this treatment.
  • cavitation: the elimination of localized fat is achieved through the use of ultrasound directly on certain areas.

These are some of the job opportunities in the world of aesthetic medicine

  • cosmetic surgeon: Higher education is required to obtain this title, that is, it is necessary to complete the University Degree in Medicine, in addition to undergoing the MIR specialization exams.
  • aesthetic doctor: As in the previous case, it is necessary to study Medicine and specialize to be able to access this job.
  • Aesthetic medicine assistant technician: is the person in charge of helping the aesthetic doctor and applying some treatments. This degree can be obtained through the ESSAE course, which, in addition to offering theoretical training, also provides internships guaranteed by contract in clinics and aesthetic medicine centers.
  • Esthetician – Esthetician: to access this position it is necessary to study an aesthetics course or train in an Official FP in Integral Aesthetics and Well-being.

Now that you know the general information about the aesthetic medicine sector, do you dare to join?

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