Know the best treatments to eliminate cellulite

Surely today we all know what cellulite is, but it never hurts to remember that it is a harmless skin condition. Although it is not associated with health problems, there are many who are affected by these small dimples in the skin, also known as orange peel, and who seek how to eliminate it to show off smooth and toned skin again.

If you also want to get rid of localized cellulite, below you will be able to learn about some of the most effective current treatments to achieve it. These are the best treatments to eliminate cellulite.

Treatments to eliminate cellulite

  • carboxytherapy: This is a treatment that consists of infiltrating CO2 into the area affected by the orange peel. In this way, it is possible to oxygenate the skin, thus improving its quality and reducing the effect of cellulite.
  • lipolaser: It is one of the most widespread treatments for the reduction and elimination of cellulite. It achieves a tightening effect by eliminating accumulations of localized fat in all types of areas of the body that have cellulite.
  • mesotherapy: This type of treatment directly attacks the cells, through the use of substances capable of draining and firming the skin, thus achieving not only reducing localized fat, but also improving circulation in the area.
  • Shock waves: As its name indicates, it is a treatment that works through acoustic waves that apply pressure directly to the area with cellulite. In this way, they carry out small impacts on localized fat, stimulating circulation and reducing the presence of orange peel skin.
  • ozone therapy: It is based on the application of medical ozone through punctures in order to improve circulation in the area and facilitating the metabolism of adipose cells. The result is smoother skin, thus eliminating the effect of cellulite.
  • pressotherapy: It is a technique used to carry out the famous lymphatic drainage through a focused massage that reduces fluid retention and, therefore, the effect caused by orange peel. In addition, it is an effective treatment for other ailments such as edema, tired legs or spider veins, among others.
  • radio frequency: is based on the use, as its name suggests, of radiofrequency to recover the potential of collagen while providing a draining effect and eliminating excess fluid. The result is a decrease in flaccidity and an improvement in the appearance of the skin in the area, minimizing cellulite and providing greater smoothness.
  • Subdermal massage treatments: also known as endomassage, this type of treatment is based on performing a localized massage through the use of a machine capable of acting as if it were a tissue vacuum cleaner. In this way, it is possible to improve circulation, increase the elimination of retained liquids through lymphatic drainage and eliminate excess toxins, achieving smooth skin, without cellulite.

As you can see, there are numerous options currently available to eliminate or at least minimize cellulite. The key is to find the treatment that best suits each case and, for this, it is necessary to have specialized professionals who are capable of advising them in a personalized way.

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