This is the SHR Laser: authentic painless hair removal

The laser depilation It has been booming for years and its amazing results are no wonder. But in recent times, with the new technologies that are appearing, new methods are being discovered that offer increasingly better results and many other advantages.

This is the case of SHR laser hair removal, an innovative permanent and painless hair removal procedure to which more and more people are joining.

you still don’t know this new hair removal technique? Next, I will tell you everything about its operation, benefits and who can undergo this type of treatment.

And to obtain the most precise information in this regard, Carmen Díaz, an expert in the field of laser hair removal and director of the Germaine Goya beauty center, has been interviewed for this content.

How does this amazing painless hair removal technique work?

Many of you will be wondering, how is it possible that a laser hair removal technique is capable of removing hair permanently and painlessly? And the answer is very simple and it is that the SHR laseracronym in English for Super Hair Removal, Also known as Soprano laser, it is used through a sweep over the skin where hair is to be removed, continuously and at a low temperature.

Unlike other laser hair removal techniques, which fire at a high temperature and in specific areas, the SHR laser works in a burst mode with low-temperature shots, which causes both the dermis and the hair to heat up little by little. bit. In addition, it is used progressively throughout the area to be waxed, which makes it more effective and prevents certain hairy spots from remaining.

The result of this is more effective and painless hair removal.

But these are not the only benefits offered by SHR laser hair removal, we can also highlight the following:

  • Unlike the technologies to which we are accustomed, the Soprano laser can be used on tanned skin, even if exposure to the sun took place only 24 hours before the treatment. Once the session is complete, it is possible to tan again with a rest of another 24 hours.
  • Due to the previously mentioned effectiveness and the reasons why it is so, SHR laser hair removal makes it possible for fewer sessions to be necessary to achieve the desired results.

Requirements and tips for effective hair removal with SHR Laser

Another big question that many ask themselves when deciding to undergo laser hair removal is whether the chosen technique will be effective based on their skin type and body hair. But in the case of SHR laser hair removal, you do not have to worry about these aspects, since it is totally recommended for all people, regardless of skin type, tone, or if the hair is thick, fine, light or dark. .

However, other requirements that must be taken into account before a Soprano laser session are:

  • It is not possible to undergo this type of practice if there is an open wound in the area to be waxed. It is necessary to wait for this to heal.
  • Nor can this technique be used if photosensitive medications are being consumed.
  • Pregnant or lactating women will also not be able to have SHR laser hair removal.
  • In case of having tattoos, there is no problem, only that these will be covered during each session if they are in the area to be waxed.

Did you know this new SHR laser hair removal technique?

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