Top 5 best toothpaste

The toothpaste It is a key element in oral care. It is very important to choose a toothpaste that fulfills the functions of cleaning and protecting our teeth.

There are many toothpaste options on the market, however, not all options are the most appropriate. Some contain abrasive ingredients that can erode tooth enamel and inflame gums.

Next, discover how to choose the ideal toothpaste and learn about the most outstanding toothpastes on the market.

How to choose toothpaste?

Surely, you have wondered which is the best toothpaste to take care of your oral health, since it is not only about fresh breath, but about your health. When are you going to buy for your hygiene products Personally, you can see a wide variety of toothpastes and it becomes difficult to choose among so many alternatives.

In addition, the choice becomes more difficult because each brand has millions of offers with different characteristics: whitening, fluoride-free, vegan, total protection, double action, anti-sensitivity, and many more.

It has also been difficult for me to know which toothpaste is right for me, and to end this problem I went to my trusted dentist and asked what should be taken into account when choosing.

In a few words, he told me that the most expensive toothpastes are not always the best, you have to always check that the components are not abrasive and consider your oral conditions. For example, if you have a tendency to sensitivity, select a toothpaste formulated for this type of case.

Tips for choosing a toothpaste

Tips for choosing a toothpasteProfessionals indicate selecting toothpastes with high quality standards that meet the needs of oral care, for this they recommend:

  • Try to choose toothpastes that do not contain bicarbonate or that they include it in very low percentages. Baking soda is abrasive and scratches and wears away tooth enamel.
  • Avoid triclosanthis compound eliminates negative bacteria, but it also unbalances the oral microbiota.
  • toothpastes with “bleaching crystals” are not the most appropriatelike those of bicarbonate, weaken the enamel, causing dental sensitivity.
  • If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, see your dentist to diagnose the root of the problem and prescribe a suitable toothpaste.

Benefits of choosing a good toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with a good toothpaste helps to:

  • Eliminate bacterial plaque
  • prevent cavities
  • Promote remineralization (strengthening enamel that has been attacked by food acids)
  • Clean and polish teeth
  • freshen your breath
  • Eliminate and prevent the appearance of stains on the teeth.

The 5 best toothpastes

To make our lives easier when choosing our toothpaste, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has published an analysis on the relationship between quality and price of different brands that are available in supermarkets.

In this investigation they have concluded that the 5 best toothpastes are:

1. Sensodyne Total Protection

This toothpaste has the qualities to relieve dental sensitivity. Thanks to its ingredients it softens the gums and creates a protective layer on the enamelavoiding contact with possible stimuli that cause sensitivity.

It has an antiseptic effect that kills bacteria, helping to keep teeth clean and breath fresh. In addition, it includes non-aggressive whitening compounds that favor the disappearance of dental stains.

2. Fluoride and menthol from Auchan

The leading supermarket company Alcampos is the manufacturer and distributor of this cheap toothpaste. It is made with cleaning, whitening and anticaries agents that offer high protection to our teeth.

It has a touch of menthol that leaves a pleasant and prolonged fresh sensation in the breath Another of its advantages is that it has the quality of renowned brands, but you can buy it for a price four times lower.

3. Deliplus Total Action

In third place in the ranking we find Acción Total de Deliplus, a vegan toothpaste and cruelty-free that provides complete oral care.

Its fluoride-based formula has antibacterial properties They help remove plaque while whitening teeth. On the label of this product you can read all its content in detail, you will see that it does not include gluten.

4. Gums Binaca Antibacterial Formula

Gums Binaca Antibacterial Formula Binaca is a brand with extensive experience in oral care and hygiene. Its Antibacterial Formula care line offers a low-abrasive toothpaste, ideal for those who like to brush their teeth often.

Provides a powerful anti-caries action that protects tooth enamel of the bacteria that produce them, helping to maintain healthy teeth.

5. Total Colgate

Colgate is the reference for all oral health professionals. This company created the most prestigious toothpaste in the market “Colgate Total”.

The OCU registers it as the favorite of the public and dentists due to the anti-plaque and remineralizing effect. You can find a version of this product for sensitive teeth and a whitening action for stained teeth.

Remember that in addition to using the correct toothpaste, you must comply with a routine for healthy teethbrushing after each meal or at least three times a day. Top 5 best toothpaste

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