What cosmetics will we use in the future?

Science is constantly changing, always seeking to innovate to improve our health. This is demonstrated by the cosmetics of the future: new ecological products, homemade devices and personalized formulas that promise to revolutionize the skin care.

The cosmetic sector tries to satisfy the needs of a new generation of demanding men and women who want to simplify their beauty routine with creams and other products that offer optimal results and at the same time respect the environment.

Do not leave without first knowing what the future holds for the skin care!

What are the cosmetics of the future?

There is a revolution in the world of personal care, currently cosmetic brands are forced to offer more than one product for each skin type.

Although it may seem contradictory, after the pandemic, the skincare market grew exponentially, and apparently it will continue to grow, because the mentality, tastes, and preferences of the new generations are different.

Today, women and men have shown that they are concerned, not only with their image, but with the deterioration of their body. Therefore, they begin to be aware of the sustainability and origin of the products they apply to their skin, forcing brands to point the way towards the cosmetics of the future.

cosmetics of the future

The cosmetics of the future: what should they have?

The young people’s philosophy of life integrates a new way of seeing the environment, since they prioritize their needs and exalt their values ​​in any field, including skin care.

Knowing the lifestyle of current generations, we can say that the cosmetics of the future you need:

  • Products that include natural ingredients, but with an ecological conscience that protects the balance of the planet. Goodbye animal testing!
  • Supplements or nutri-cosmetics in perfect synergy to nourish the skin and the body
  • The use of home devices and technology that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin without the need to go to an aesthetic center.

The key to the cosmetology of the future

The secret of the cosmetics of the future lies mainly in the consumers and their lifestyle.

Based on this, the developers of the products have designed a formula to advance and satisfy the demands: Sophistication + technology + sustainability + ethics + natural elements.

We are already in 2023, and without a doubt we can see that the cosmetic industry already offers products that meet the quality standards we need to care for our skin.

The cosmetic trends of the future

Do you want to know how we will take care of our skin in the not too distant future? Here are the trends in cosmetic products that are here to stay:

Luxurious and sustainable cosmetics

Is about absolutely ecological productsfrom the packaging to the process of obtaining the assets, as well as the complete final formula.

Exclusive firms join this innovative sustainable cosmetics, with formulas based on natural molecules. One of them is Dior, which offers the Hydra Life product range, a luxury concept, made with 100% natural active ingredients in reusable packaging format. Another brand that joins this modality is SeaSkin, which creates biodynamic treatments, free of petrochemicals, aimed at people who seek to take care of their skin and lead a healthy lifestyle.

personalized cosmetics

Other cosmetics of the future are those focused on our exposome (refers to the sum total of multiple exposure factors that fill the days, months, and decades of a person’s life).

These concentrate assets that we will choose to repair individual aspects of aging of our skin, since not all of us need the same thing to care for it properly.

cosmetics that we will use in the future

Cosmetics according to the microbiome

The microbiome of our skin is made up of countless bacteria that must be kept in perfect balance. It is ideal that the creams and cosmetic products of the future include prebiotics and probiotics that favor this balance.

There are few brands that offer this type of treatment, however, there are dietary supplements formulated with beneficial bacteria that improve and protect the appearance of our skin.

technological cosmetics

Current technology optimizes the application of cosmetics on our skin. For example, the smart portable cleanser and massager, T-Sonic Foreo Luna mini 2, has silicone bristles that emit 8,000 pulsations per minute, exfoliating the skin and removing dirt from the pores.

Also, 3D printers, biophotonics, augmented reality, wearables and other devices have been developed for the evaluation of the state of the skin to adjust the treatments according to their needs.

smart cosmetics

Different brands are working on the creation of photoprotectors that will adapt the protection depending on the solar radiation that reaches us at all times, and that will allow the synthesis of vitamin D without associated cell damage.

Cosmetics On The Go

You will no longer have to go on a trip and reload your suitcase with all the creams, serums, moisturizers, makeup, etc. Futuristic cosmetics will be multipurpose and will simplify your life.

An example of this is the Dr. Brandt Pore No Pore Multi-Performance stick, a makeup stick with the perfect size to carry in your bag. Its formula offers 5 effects in a single product: blurs wrinkles, conceals open pores, hydrates and softens the skin, protects it from the sun and evens out the tone.

How about? Definitely, the cosmetics of the future put us closer to achieving eternal youth.

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