What is a truck and tractor? – Parts and types of transport

When we go down the street we may have come across different types of vehicles of various sizes and with very different functions. Whether you have seen a family car, a forklift or even trucks, each one has different functions and supports loads that can vary depending on the type of vehicle.

This time we will talk a little about what What is a truck and a tractor-trailer?what are their differences and what is the work of each of their models.

What is a truck?

Trucks are motorized vehicles. designed to carry large or heavy loads. It is also known as a cargo or commercial vehicle and is used to transport goods from one place to another through the highway for short or long distances.

The size of a truck can vary depending on their utility and may have different wheel and axle compositions that help them adapt to load and terrain needs. For quotes, contact by email with companies that offer this service.

What is a tank truck?

Tanker trucks, too known as tankers, are designed to transport drinking water, or any other liquid, to places where it is needed. It is equipped with a stainless steel storage tank, and supports different load capacities.

Every tanker truck It has a pump at the back of the tank. to extract the liquid, be it water or any other liquid product, and thus distribute it through the use of hoses and nozzles.

What is a 6×4 truck?

6×4 trucks, also known as 6×4 axle drive, receive that name because they have a vehicle six-wheel drive system, where 4 of them are motor. This means that these wheels receive power from the engine in order to propel the truck forward.

In general, this type of truck is used to transport very heavy loads that need better traction to move through difficult surfaces. Thanks to its ability to move It is used in construction and mining areassince you must cross uneven terrain, with slopes or muddy.

What is a cargo truck?

A cargo truck is a type of vehicle specially designed for the transportation of merchandise or loads from one place to another. These They can vary in size and in their ability to support loads.they can be from small pick-up trucks, to large trailers or articulated trucks.

Cargo trucks have a flatbed attached to the rear used to transport the loads and vary depending on the load to be transported.

What is a hybrid truck?

A hybrid truck is a type of truck that uses both diesel or gasoline as well as electricity to work. Although it works similar to a conventional truck, thanks to the electric motor it is able to reduce the amount of fuel it needs to work.

These trucks, when braking, do not waste energy like normal trucks, but its hybrid system harnesses that energy and recharges the battery of the electric motor. This helps save fuel and reduce air pollution.

What is a dump truck?

Dump trucks are used to move and unload bulk cargo such as sand, earth, rubble, gravel, asphalt, among others. Its name comes from its cargo box, since it is shaped like a hopper, which rises and tilts to unload the transported material.

The box that this type of truck has is designed to prevent material spillage being transported and to facilitate its unloading in a controlled manner. In general, dump trucks are used in industries such as construction, agriculture and mining, and are very useful when carrying out road construction work.

What is a torton truck?

The torton truck gets its name from the configuration of axles it has, which consists of three in the rear and one in the front. It is widely used to transport merchandise or products over long distances, since it has a load capacity of around 14 tons (each ton equals 1000 kg).

This type of truck stands out for its ability to handle difficult terrain. In general, they are used to transport construction materials, agricultural products, heavy machinery or other bulk products.

What is an articulated truck?

An articulated truck is known as a transport vehicle made up of two separate parts connected by a pivot or an articulated joint. The front part of this truck consists of the tractor head, where the driver’s cabin and the engine are located.

On the other hand, the rear is a trailer that has wheels that, depending on the type of load, can have one or more sections.

What is a mining truck?

A mining truck is a type of large truck that is designed to transport materials to areas of mining operations open sky. These are used to transport large amounts of rock, soil, and minerals from one location to another within a mine.

These trucks are characterized by their load capacity exceeding 400 tons and that they are designed to withstand extreme conditions in a mine.

What is an axle on a truck?

The axle of a truck is known, the bar that connects the rear wheels to the chassis of the vehicle and helps the wheels turn and move the truck forward or backward. This part of the truck helps it to be able to support the weight of the load that it transports, and the weight capacity that it has will depend on the number of axles that it has.

What is the pto on a truck?

He PTO (from the term Power Take Off), is a device that a crane truck has, which allows it to take energy from the engine and send it to any other accessory or component. This device allows the truck to use power from the engine to run other vehicle accessories.

What is the payload of a truck?

The payload of a truck is the maximum amount of weight, or mma, that a truck can carry without exceeding its total load capacity. This It is calculated by subtracting the weight of an empty truck from its maximum weight. to move on the road.

What is a truck tachograph?

The device used to record and control speed, driving time and distance traveled for a truck is called a tachograph. This device helps ensure safety on the roads, as it helps to ensure that the driver complies with driving rules and regulations.

What is the chassis of a truck?

The chassis of a truck is known to be a fundamental part of the vehicle because it is the element that supports all its weight and the cargo it carries. This is a structure that connects and supports the main components of the truck, such as the engine, transmission, cab, cargo box, and even the suspension system.

What is a tractor-trailer?

A tractor-trailer is a type of truck designed for heavy loads that consists of two parts: the cabin and the trailer, connected by an articulated axis. The cab is a motorized vehicle that includes the engine, suspension system, transmission, and other components used to move the truck and its cargo.

While the trailer consists of a platform that connects to the rear of the cabin. In general, the tractor used to transport large loads over very long distances.

What is the powertrain of a tractor-trailer?

The power train is considered to be the set of parts that They are in charge of the operation of a tractor-trailer. The three main parts are: the engine, which functions as the heart of the truck; the transmission, which sends power from the engine to the wheels; and the traction system, which allows the movement of the wheels.

What is the fifth wheel of a tractor?

The fifth wheel of a tractor It consists of a metal piece located behind the cab and connects to the trailer. Thanks to the fact that it has a special coupling that fits the trailer, it allows the trailer to be hitched safely and stably to the truck.

What is the differential of a tractor-trailer?

The differential of a tractor-trailer is a mechanical component located in the rear axle of the vehicle, this allows the rear wheels to spin at different speeds while the truck is moving. This helps to maintain control during sharp turns or rough terrain and to evenly distribute the power sent from the engine to the rear wheels.

What is the dtu of a tractor-trailer?

It is known as DTU or uniform traction device to the security system that prevents the trailer and tractor from separating during movement. This system controls or limits the tractive force between the front of the truck (the tractor) and the rear (the trailer).

What is over speed on a tractor-trailer?

When we refer to “over speed” we are talking about a situation where a tractor-trailer is traveling at a speed that exceeds the set limit for the type of road you are on. This situation can lead to accidents on the road or result in speeding tickets.

For this reason, those drivers of tractor trucks must pay close attention to the speed in which they travel and the limit set on the road where they are. To help drivers during their trip, there are different devices used to measure speed and warn if it exceeds the limit.

What is the braking system of a tractor-trailer?

The braking system of a tractor-trailer is a set of elements that allow the driver to stop the truck in a safe way. This consists of a hydraulic system that works when the driver steps on the brake pedal.

This is a vital safety system during road trips because it slows down or brings the vehicle to a complete stop. Therefore, automotive maintenance is considered very important to ensure the proper functioning of the brakes.

What is the electrical system of a tractor-trailer?

A truck tractor electrical system consists of a group of components that allow electrical devices to function from the truck. In general, the main electrical components of the truck are the battery, the lights and the starting system.

What is the tensioner of a tractor-trailer?

The tensioner of a tractor-trailer deals with the part of the truck in charge of maintaining a proper tension on drive belt. The latter is a band that transfers power from the engine to other components of the vehicle, be it the air conditioning compressor or the alternator.

Without a tensioner on the tractor, the drive belt can become loose and thus lose its ability to transmit energycausing damage to other truck components.

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