What is an acoustic guitar? – Know the characteristics of acoustic guitars

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. This type of guitar is characterized by producing sounds through the vibration of the strings that are amplified in the guitar’s soundboard, with only sound energy and without the need for additional electronics, like electric guitars.

The acoustic guitar is widely used in many musical genres, from classical and folk music to rock and pop. In this article we invite you to learn about the main characteristics of acoustic guitars and delve into their history and evolution.

Meaning and definition of acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar is a string musical instrument played without the need for electrical amplification. It is known as ‘acoustic’ because its sound occurs naturally, without the need for artificial amplification. Acoustic guitars usually have metal or nylon strings.

The main features of an acoustic guitar include its soundboard, which may be constructed of different types of wood, and its mastwhich holds the strings and allows the musician to produce different notes and chords.

What is the difference between acoustic and Spanish guitar?

The main difference between an acoustic guitar and a Spanish guitar lies in the way they are built and in the type of strings they use.

The Spanish guitar, also known as the classical guitar or concert guitar, is a type of acoustic guitar that uses nylon strings, which It gives a soft and warm sound. The Spanish guitar also has a wider neck than most acoustic guitars, allowing for greater spacing between the strings and making complex pieces of classical music easier to play.

On the other hand, the acoustic guitar can be built with different types of wood and uses steel or metal strings, giving it a brighter, more percussive sound. The acoustic guitar is used in many musical genres, from folk and country to rock and pop, and its design is more compact and slimmer than the Spanish guitar.

Other important differences between the acoustic guitar and the Spanish guitar include the guitar body sizethe length of the scale and the position of the frets.

In general, the Spanish guitar has a larger body and a shorter scale length than the acoustic guitar, giving it a more resonant sound and greater ease to play in the high register. For its part, the acoustic guitar usually has a smaller body and a longer scale length, which makes it ideal for playing in lower registers and producing a brighter and more percussive sound.

Additionally, the Spanish guitar is typically played with the fingers of the right hand, using a technique known as strumming or arpeggio, while the acoustic guitar can be played both with fingers and with a pickallowing for a greater variety of playing techniques and styles.

What is better an acoustic or electroacoustic guitar?

The choice between an acoustic and an electro-acoustic guitar depends on the personal needs and preferences of the musician An acoustic guitar is a good choice for those looking for a natural sound without additional amplification, as these guitars typically have a larger body than electric-acoustic guitars and are built to produce a rich, warm sound. They are ideal for playing in more intimate and reducedlike at home, in a gathering of friends or in a solo performance.

On the other hand, a electroacoustic guitar It is a good choice for those who want a amplified sound without having to use an external microphone. These guitars have a microphone built into their soundboard and can be connected directly to an amplifier or sound system.

Additionally, some electro-acoustic guitars also have built-in equalization controls to adjust the sound and improve its quality. They are ideal for playing in larger situations, such as concerts by bands like Pink Floyd or live performances, where a more powerful, amplified sound is needed.

What is the best brand of acoustic guitars?

There is many brands of acoustic guitars excellent ones on the market, each with its own quality, reputation and style. Choosing the ‘best brand’ of acoustic guitars largely depends on the player’s needs, preferences and budget.

One of the most recognized and valued brands in the world it’s gibson. Gibson has been making guitars since 1894 and has earned a reputation for quality and attention to detail in instrument making. Other popular and well-regarded brands include Martin, Taylor, Yamaha, Fender, Seagull, and Alvarez, among others.

Each of these brands has its own characteristics and models custom acoustic guitarswhich makes it important for the musician to try and compare various models before making a purchase decision.

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