What is sneaky? – Definition and examples of its meaning

Secret and illegal actions have one element in common: the way in which the people who carry out such acts act, since they behave stealthilywhat is known as “sneaky attitude”.

This article explains what What does the word ‘sneaky’ mean? and some examples of furtive activities are presented. In the same way, the relationship of this term with hunting, fishing, deforestation and theft or robbery is mentioned.

What is sneaking?

The word furtivo can be used in various fields and situations, although it usually has a negative meaning. This word can be used to describe criminals, activities not permitted by law, or qualify a person acting suspicious. In this way, the term can also express situations in which you do not want to be seen or caught red-handed or caught red-handed.

The term ‘sneaky’ finds its origin in Latin, where it was written using the spelling ‘furtive‘, which, in turn, descends from the word fur, whose meaning was thief. Furtivo is a word that is used as an adjective in Spanish, although in some situations it can act as a noun to refer to a person. However, the meaning evolved and changed to refer to any situation or action that is carried out secretly or illegally.

In many situations, the word furtivo remains as an adjective that provides a negative qualification, since it speaks of illegal things, criminals or people on the run, however it is used more frequently to say that something is being done. covertly, secretly or secretlywithout being something bad or out of law.

Examples of sneaky people

Anyone can carry out a furtive activity at some point in your life, whether you commit an illegal act or other action. For example, a sneaky person could be involved in the following situations:

  • Attempting to smuggle food or drugs into an airport.
  • Have a special gift or surprise for another person and act secretly.
  • Infidelity.
  • Stealing in the street, especially those people who are dedicated to the theft of possessions.
  • Take exam answers on a piece of paper or in the hand, to be copied.

What is furtive activity?

A furtive activity is all that is carried out with the greatest possible discretion, as well as an event that occurs out of public view. There are a large number of furtive activities, although not all of them are related to illegal acts, since there are some that are only carried out for fun.

This also includes activities that are not well received under the judgment of morality of society, as is the case of infidelity. In this example, any unfaithful person does not want their partner to find out that they are dating a third party, therefore this individual acts stealthily, avoiding telling many people about their other relationship, making secret visits and lying frequently.

There are certain characteristics that stand out in a furtive activity, among which the main one is discretion. Speed ​​also plays a fundamental role in furtive activities, since the person seeks to execute the action as quickly as possible so that no one finds out.

What is poaching and in what areas of the world does it occur?

Poaching is one of the most illegal activities in the world, even when many governments prohibit this type of action and have regulations and permit seasons that seek to reduce mass hunting. When talking about poaching, reference is made to the animal capture and slaughter process wild or wild for subsequent sale and consumption.

There are many countries around the world that have a great commitment to wildlife, especially those species that are in danger of extinction or are under threat. In this sense, these states prohibit the hunting of animals in certain areas that are considered refuges or national parks, so they do not allow this activity to take place under any circumstances.

To avoid this practice, there are sanctions that can vary from heavy fines to a conviction where pay years in jail. On the other hand, there are places where hunting is much more common and is the main source of food for the population, as is the case in certain regions of the USA or in Nordic countries.

The governments of these nations and entities allow the hunting of fauna species during a specific period, which is called ‘Hunting season.’ Despite these privileges, poaching is quite common, but it is a stealthy act in which a person, a group of people, goes to areas surrounding towns to look for animals, either to get their meat or their skin.

It is important to note that poaching is very popular due to the amount of money that move said businesssince, in addition to being illegal, it is also a dangerous job, since during the process the hunter exposes himself to many risks, such as the counterattack of an animal, falling into bear traps or being shot by his own weapon or that of another. any other hunters in the area.

Between the sites where it occurs poaching include:

  • The thick forests.
  • large fields.
  • Jungle.
  • Cold places where the temperature reaches freezing.
  • Seas and oceans

It should be noted that poaching is considered when a person does not have a license to carry weapons, as well as when someone kills an animal using unauthorized means. In the same way, poaching includes the action of killing animals that are in shelters, under the protection of an entity and when a researcher makes studies based on it.

What is poaching and why does it happen in secret?

Like hunting, poaching also occupies the top positions among the most carried out illegal activities, due to the recent regulations imposed on this activity. Poaching consists of fish marine or freshwater animals in areas where the government does not allow said act to take place, as there are specific sites that have authorization and exact seasons where the flow of this activity is greater.

Fishing is an activity with which humanity managed to survive for a long time, and which evolved thanks to the manufacture of tools and means of transport. In fact, with industrial fishing it becomes much easier to get a larger amount of fish and other marine species, in addition to the possibility of reaching distant places in the interior of the seas or oceans.

The massive fishing produced a decrease in the number of marine species and a reduction in the size of the schools, which is why it is more difficult to fish today. For this reason, many governments have taken measures that prohibit this activity from taking place in some rivers, on the beaches or in other fluvial spaces. Despite these restrictions, many people continue hunting illegally in open water and, therefore, it is quite common to hear in the news that there was an embargo on a fishing vessel on the high seas.

Deforestation of forests as poaching activity

The environmental impact is one of the most important issues of the human being today, since our planet has high rates of pollution and global warming. One of the factors that causes the deterioration of the globe and the atmospheric conditions is deforestation through the felling of trees.

The furtive felling of trees and other products of nature is a furtive activity for which you can also receive a heavy fine or infraction by the government of the country. Trees are of vital importance for the production of oxygen on the planet and to maintain its temperature, in addition, they serve as home to many species of animals in the fauna.

Another point where the world’s governments agree is that deforestation must stop, or at least decrease. This task is also complicated due to globalization and the search for spaces to create constructions or buildings. Likewise, a large number of objects and articles are made from tree wood, so logging will continue to exist.

Public entities and governments grant certain permits so that people can cut a stipulated number of trees, as long as their purpose is specified, so there are also restricted sites where trees cannot be cut down under any circumstances, although there are people who try and succeed.

Animal smuggling as poaching activity

Poaching of animals is not only carried out in order for the hunter and his family to eat, since there are also hunters who look for animals in order to to sell them on the black market. Animal smuggling represents another poaching activity that is quite popular and risky due to the dangers of dealing with wild beasts.

Nevertheless, bears, lions, deer and even snakes They are highly valuable because they are difficult to hunt, as well as having a skin that is coveted by many, since it is used to create clothing, bags, and other accessories. There are many people who work hiding in the woods or in the jungle in order to find an easy prey to hunt and sell.

This activity is also punished severely, since it is threatens the life of living beings when you do not have the necessary permission to carry out such actions.

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