What is the CENEVAL folio? – Know the objective and characteristics of the CENEVAL folio

Higher education institutions in Mexico are evaluated and accredited by CENEVAL, an organization created in 1995, whose main objective is to improve the quality of higher education through evaluation and accreditation processes. These procedures may include the permanent student record, the presentation of various exams and the CENEVAL folio. Let’s see more about it!

Definition of the CENEVAL folio

The CENEVAL folio is a unique and personal number assigned to each student who registers to take an exam or evaluation process carried out by the National Center for Evaluation for Higher Education (CENEVAL). This token serves as student identification and is used to track their participation in the different exams and related procedures.

CENEVAL is a civil association that provides support to user institutions, who must familiarize themselves with the applications used. These institutions organize the application of the exams in coordination with CENEVAL staff, ensuring quality in the application processes for the following exams: National Entrance Exams (EXANI), General Examinations for Bachelor’s Degrees (EGEL) and Basic DOMINA-BACH. The CENEVAL folio is generated when registering for the EXANI-II exam.

Some of the tests that applied in various institutions for the admission process are:

  • EXANI-I: Test to enter high school.
  • EXANI-II: Admission procedure for bachelor’s degree.
  • EXANI-III: Used for admission into graduate programs.
  • PRE-EXANI-I: Prognosis for the admission exam in a baccalaureate institution.

The high school certificate must include the following specifications to be valid:

  • Fixed link for verification and electronic download.
  • system that allows you to consult the certificates enabled at any time, from computers or mobile devices.

What is the objective of the CENEVAL folio?

The main objective of the CENEVAL folio is to develop and use instruments to assess knowledge, skills and competencies educational institutions, as well as disseminate and summarize the results obtained. The National Center for Evaluation for Higher Education (CENEVAL) offers evaluations and guidance to educational entities in Mexico, benefiting the national education system.

CENEVAL is an organization that brings together specialists from various areas with the purpose of evaluating and accrediting educational institutions. He considers it essential provide students with an education of quality and that excellence and equity in education depend on teachers and administrators.

CENEVAL has developed admission exams to evaluate the academic profile of applicants interested in entering a particular university, spanning high school levels, university and postgraduate. These tests are also used as the basis for measuring student achievement throughout their academic career.

When accessing the website to register the CENEVAL folio, there are various functions important to obtain the folio, such as reimbursement, correction of online registration, supports, duplicate EGEL, formative recovery, validation of results, recovery of the folio and request for invoice information.

Characteristics of the CENEVAL folio

The CENEVAL folio has specific characteristics that define it. Among them, the following can be mentioned:

  • It offers various opportunities for trainingincluding skills, teaching, development, conferences, information, evaluation and accreditation.
  • Evaluate at higher institutions to ensure proper compliance with learning methods.
  • You can monitor all academic programming implemented by an institution.
  • ensures the fulfillment of the correct standards for quality education.
  • Provides undergraduate approaches to educational entities.
  • The folio is generated to the register for the EXANI-II exam.

CENEVAL bases the theory that students deserve a quality education, and administrators and teachers should promote equity and excellence in education. In addition, CENEVAL offers various designs for the baccalaureate admission exams and supervises the evolution of students in their academic trajectory.

Where can I see my CENEVAL folio?

For obtain the CENEVAL certificatethe following steps must be followed:

  • Submit an application for the issuance of the duplicate of the certificate of studies. This request must be sent to the designated email address.
  • It is also possible contact state institutions that are in the Undersecretariat of Secondary Education of the states.

To know the corresponding folio it is necessary to register, which is done for the EXANI-II exam. Once the exam is passed, a certificate or an individual report will be received which will indicate the level of performance, qualified as follows: ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’, ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Outstanding’.

In conclusion, the objective of CENEVAL is to guarantee equity and educational excellence. toast access to reliable information and opportunities for successful professional growth. The organization offers a variety of services including test design and test administration.

CENEVAL also provides various training and professional development opportunities such as conferences, workshops, online courses, and on-the-job training. Assess students’ knowledge and skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses. With all this, it contributes to promoting educational excellence in Mexico and in the world.

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